5 Acts to Living Your Best Life


Living the best life is the dream of just about everyone. Here are 5 Actions to living your best life. As the old year closes and the new year draws close it is a great time to to focus on your best life strategy.   For now and the next year it is about living your best life and these 5 Acts will help you to do so.

1. Validate yourself
You are good enough and you are enough. You need to know this and remind yourself so you can be at peace with any situation. If someone thinks you are not enough, then that is not your issue. It is theirs.  See, some folks have unreal expectation of others and if you are not careful you try to meet that expectation. In the process you are stressed out because it is impossible to meet it.  Focus on what’s there. Ask yourself, is this my expectation or theirs? When you know you are enough you are satisfied with what you have to contribute. You are always enough. Validate yourself, an act to living your best life.

2. Forgive
Always forgive. It is cathartic. It is for you not the other person. Forgiveness frees you. No matter what it is-forgive. Don’t allow it to sink in your soul. Don’t allow it to get embedded in your spirit.  Release it with forgiveness. Get deliberate about this decision to forgive. In every instance remind yourself that this act of forgiveness is for you. You don’t need to think of a reason to do it.  Just do it. It is an Act to living your best life.

3. Move on
Move on from any situation. Don’t stay stuck. Something did not serve you at the moment? Don’t stay stuck. Move on. It may be that it will serve you later, but not now. Think about it and give yourself permission to move on. Let nothing hold. Moving on is an Act to living your best life.

4. Give Yourself permission
Give yourself permission to do the things that are necessary and needed to live your best life. Give yourself permission to laugh. Give yourself permission to be happy. Give yourself permission to bask in the moment. Give yourself permission to absorb what’s  good. Give yourself permission to enjoy life. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Know your limitations as you can only give what you have. Do not over promise because you want to please. Give yourself permission not be all things to all people. This is an Act to living your best life.

5. Ask for help
Always ask for help. No man is an island. We are together on this earth for a reason. Don’t ever feel that you are by yourself. There is always someone there to help if you would only seek it. Help can be just a kind word. Always remember, this is an Act to living your best life.

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