Doubt Blocks Your Best Life


How would you like not to second-guess yourself anymore? What if I were to tell you that you can go through life and never second-guess yourself again? Yes, it is possible. You see, life as it happens is quite orderly. However, our response to life can sometimes be quite disorderly. Just as there are laws and rules that govern the universe so are our lives governed by laws and rules. For example, if you decided you were going to fly off the top of a sky scraper, the law of gravity would allow you to fall and probably to your death. Why? It is not possible for man to fly. There are no laws or rules in the universe to support that act. The question then becomes, what are the laws or rules that support your best life? Living your best life is having the knowledge and belief that there is such a thing. Having the knowledge that there is a space within which you are able to operate at your best (maximum potential) and minimize negative effects within your sphere. You must believe that this is possible. You cannot enter into this space with doubt in your mind as doubt interferes with your ability to live your best life.

Us humans were born with a brain, which is our powerhouse of thoughts. So too each human was given a soul. Our souls communicate and transmit information to our brains. This information is needed for us to operate within the “maximum potential” space. The transmission of information happens continuously. You ask the question, how is this possible? See, there is two levels of connection, one at the human and the other at the soul. To be connected at the soul level is to be in alignment. Here the communication takes place without any interference. There is no second-guessing here. The information is clear. You must now interpret this information and use it to live your best life. Each person’s interpretation will be different. You will understand the information within the context of your life. Be aware of what is being communicated to you.

For us to live our best lives we must enter this space with an open mind. We must be present and aware. We must not be in doubt in this space. It is very difficult to receive the transmitted information without being present and if in doubt. Be still and listen to what you hear in your space of maximum potential. Pay attention to what and how you feel. Within this space there is always a peace. Doubt blocks or interferes with the transmission of information.

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