How Do I Forgive Others?


How do I forgive others? That’s a valid question, and it’s asked by many. If you think about it, there is a reason why so many people would like the answer. They feel miserable, bothered, and unstable. Yes, your soul feels and is unsettled when you are in unforgiveness. It’s like someone is holding you hostage with shackles on your hands and feet. You feel like you can’t go forward and have no peace.

You spend your nights tossing and turning, and when you doze off, the nightmares show up. Why? You are body, soul, and spirit, and the connection between your spirit and your soul is cut off in the state of unforgiveness. The best way I can explain this; it’s that you’re making a telephone call to a friend in Mexico, and your call does not get to Mexico but is re-routed to Germany. Someone in Germany collects the call, realizes that the information is not for him, and discards it. In the meantime, your friend in Mexico is still waiting for the call. Because your soul and spirit cannot communicate, there is a void that brings negative feelings.

This is how you forgive

How do you forgive? First, you must let go of your ego. That is, the part of you that feels offended: That part of you that hates how others speak to you. Feeling slighted by others is awful but personal, and you don’t have to be. It is a negative feeling that distracts you from getting to your best self. Feeling offended allows you to hang on to negative emotions. Second, you must commit to not being right in your situation but having your peace. See, you can be right and miserable. You don’t have to be right, but you must feel peace in your experience. Third, tell yourself, “I’m willing to let it go.” Let it go! Don’t get hung up on stuff. It will bring you negativity. Let it go and let Peace!

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