Why Do I Have This Connection?

“Why do I have this connection?” This is a question many of us ask when we find that things don’t seem right in our relationships. We also ask when we fail to understand our connections or when we believe we are not getting what we need from the association. Is your pain from the relationship or from how you interpret the events?

Are you wondering why the person won’t change? Do you wish they could be someone else? How about more understanding of you?

The truth is relationships are organized by us. We order our connections based on our feelings, wants, and needs. When we have a want or a need, it can be timed to create a new relationship. For example, if we need a job, it’s time to create a new relationship.

Do you ever notice that sometimes the same types of people keep showing up in your life, and they are the ones you would prefer not to have? Is it because you keep organizing based on the same feelings or wants? That is something to think about.

Life on a Basic Level

Let’s first understand that on a basic level, Life is spiritual. Spiritualism is all around us. Just think about the many things that happen in this Universe that you just don’t understand? Because many are spiritual things.  Your connections or relationships are not different.

We tend to process with our ego, and this will lead to feeling hurt or pain. Yes, we will always experience pain and suffering. The answer is, do not minimize anyone’s pain and take the time to understand that we are a spirit, with a soul, both of which are housed in a body. Let’s approach and understand life from this more profound level.

If you want more insight and to help establish a deeper foundation, I explore these topics and more in my book “The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life.”  Here is a sample of the first three chapters.

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