Can you commit to being happy


Can you commit to being happy in your life’s journey, regardless of your experience? Happiness is a state of mind and a phase on the alphabet circle. You are the creator of your happiness. Therefore, you must create a happy environment to succeed at this. I bet you can. Each day, when you wake up, decide to be happy whether or not you can see the sun from your location.

The sun here represents hope. And hope is always there and available to you regardless of your current location. Do not limit yourself to seeing only what you can see from your immediate circumstances. Beyond your view, there is more.

Happiness is a decision that comes from within. In this phase of your journey, practice closing your eyes and looking deep within. There is so much happy energy within you that can excite and swell. This energy inside you moves from potential energy to kinetic energy once you set it in motion. That means it goes from a low level to a high level due to your actions. You can think of it as the difference between sitting and running energy.

What do you do when things go wrong? If you choose happiness, look for the positive. The universe has provided you with an opportunity to practice your decision. So, you breathe deeply, center your thoughts, and remind yourself that you are choosing to be happy. Someone else’s tirade has nothing to do with you, which you will easily recognize because your happiness has penetrated and uplifted you to a place of balance.

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