Microwave Life


FullSizeRenderDo you live your life as a microwave? Do you want everything to happen rapidly? Do you want the things of life to happen rapidly? As rapidly as a microwave?  Notice a microwave heats up rapidly and cools the same way. In some instances, the texture of the heated material changes. The Best Life is lived methodically and with purpose.Waiting for the universe to answer your desires.

To microwave our lives is to circumvent the universe. You may be doing this without knowing. How many times we put something in the microwave and keep reheating and reheating to hopefully get the texture and temperature we are looking for? Sometimes we do the same with our lives. We repeat the same actions not realizing that we are not getting anywhere. We just keep “going around the block” and hoping something will change. The intent of a microwave to hasten the usual time for the preparation of a meal.  Is this what we are doing to our lives? Is this what we really intended? Are we in such a hurry that we have become microwaves? Is there any place on the Alphabet Circle© for a microwave life? This is definitely not living our best best lives. There are no microwaves on the Alphabet Circle©. Stop the microwave life. Don’t circumvent the universe. Get on the Alphabet Circle©. Live your best life.

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