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What is the purpose of Life? As a child growing up I’ve always wondered about this question. It made no sense to me that you were born, lived and just died. It was puzzling, and deep within me I felt there had to be something else. This something else I have been chasing in hope of colliding with it. Deep in my soul, I was searching for the answers to this daunting question of life’s purpose. In my child view, life could not be just that bland, because that would make no sense.

As a child I would sit in class, look through the window, stare into acres and acres of grasslands. From my mind’s eye, I watched myself frolicked on carpeted grasslands below the trees as their leaves swayed to the rhythm of the island breeze, as the ninety-eight degrees temperature soothed my spirit. I saw the sun, standing tall in the sky, pointing its laser sharp rays towards earth, forecasting a perfect day. Unfortunately, all my way through the end of high school, I’ve never been in a school with my classroom having such a window. It was not until I started my quest for my “best life” it dawned on me that those pictures were day visions. I would literally get out of my physical body and watch myself go to the vast spans of grasslands to romp. Those were such happy moments for me as I danced among the trees, my dress hem curled in the wind.

Picture this; poised intently in that scene, I would listen to the wind as she gusts through the trees in the distant hilltop.  I listened and watched in awe as the first visible leaves danced to the winds’ rhythm presenting a domino effect and transferring their motions to tree after tree as each swayed to her movements. The laughing wind gushed as she moved in my direction and then it was as if all the trees caught her laughter. Even in the joy of this beautiful scenery and place, I could still see what my teacher was doing if and when I wanted to. It was as if I could look back into the classroom and see the blackboard with the information written on it.

I love the great outdoors and growing up on an island-what a combination. I had the best of both worlds. Island life provided many joyous intimate interactions with nature that formed the core of who I am.

It was my greatest joy; the height of my day was when I could accompany my papa to the farm. Being at the farm felt serene and natural. It was an attraction that words cannot completely describe.  I felt “I belonged” to nature. I felt oneness with the animals and it’s as if we understood each other. They knew I loved being there in their home and they consented to my presence with their voices singing as their sounds bounced and rallied throughout the quietness of the open space. The wide-open span of nature was calling my name. I had to answer. I had to go to greet and meet it. It was in the pause of those moments that some of my life questions were answered. I think about it today and I can still feel and smell the freshness of being outdoors in a pristine environment.

I’ve always known that I was different. Different for me meant, I was destined to do non-normal things. It meant for me that I marched to my own drumbeat. I was at my best when I lived with no boundaries- a free spirit.  I was always attracted to anything that had nature stamped over it. I was always intrigued as I observed nature “in all its element.” My observations, interactions, and attraction for nature have brought me to the place of this blog. I am on “The Alphabet Circle©” which is my life journey from letter A to letter Z. At birth I got on this Alphabet Circle©, and started my life journey experiencing all kinds of relationships or interactions and at some time thereafter, all of these relationships will exit and it will be at some letter between A and Z. Which one will it be? No one knows. We are all on our Alphabet Circle©. How do we all enjoy the ride on the Circle and connect to every experience in such a way so that we can live our best lives? This blog is about living our best lives. Living or Chosen lives. Living on the Alphabet Circle©.

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