Why do we go back?


IMG-20141204-WA0003Why do we go back to an experience? Sometimes we try to re-live some of the moments in our earlier lives. Why do we do that? Satisfaction is the word I want you to think about.  You left that experience not satisfied and want to go back there. Your mind must have a redo because you feel you will get the missing  experience you yearn. We see this sometimes through parents living their lives through their children.

When you had the experience back then, one of two things happened. You left feeling satisfied or dissatisfied. You may not have even processed your feelings at the time and that’s okay.  The awareness of the experience can be at the conscious or sub-conscious level.  What am I telling you? You go back because you are not satisfied.   I want you to stop and think about this for a minute. What experiences are you trying to relive and why?  Explore your answer. If you are willing to accept the answer, it is probably no.

You are now in a different stage of your life   so when you go back to that experience, you may still not be fulfilled. That experience was for back then when you were in a different phase of your journey. It will not replicate.   We seek current satisfaction, from a past event, sometimes without giving it any  thought.  For this reason some folks keep going back and repeating the same behavior thinking they will have a different result.

Let me caution, I am not telling you not to ever go back, but to understand why you do?  But here is something to consider. How satisfied are you with your teenage experience or your twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy or eighty something years experience? I implore you to create new experiences and live your best life. Live your Chosen Life.

Leave me a comment to let me know why you would go back to an experience.

3 thoughts on “Why do we go back?”

  1. Hi Maxine,

    This is a message that really resonates with me. It is so important to be introspective and to reflect on the active role that we play in acting or reacting in response to circumstances in our lives. It is also important to stop and think about the lessons we learn about ourselves, especially from negative experiences. It is only then that we can forgive ourselves, and move on with a new resolve to do better now that we are armed with new wisdom. I look forward to your next inspirational post.

    • Irene:
      Thank you so much. I am glad you are inspired. Let me encourage you to look at each experience without a label. When we use the word negative, our minds are told to look at the experience as not adding value to us when in fact every experience is valuable. Allow your mind to identify it as an experience. This is a Best Life practice on this Life is a Journey experience. Continue to live your Best Life.

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