Your Uncancelled Purpose


What is your uncancelled purpose? An electric kettle is still a kettle though it is not plugged into a power source. So let’s say it is an electric kettle that is right now not operating as a kettle. At the moment, it is just an object. However, once this kettle is filled with water and plugged into a power source, it starts to operate as it was created to do by the manufacturer. In other words, it starts to fulfill its intended purpose. However, this kettle was not able to do so until the missing piece, energy was provided from the power source. The question to ponder is, was it always an electric kettle, even without being plugged into the power source? Yes it was and still is. So are you.

You are who you were created to be even when you are not plugged into your source. You may not feel and be at your best at the moment, but you still have purpose. You may believe you’ve lost your way and your life is over, yet your purpose is still valid. Even in such low moments, who you were meant to be was not recalled or cancelled. You are still that person, the manufacturer’s creation. When you connect to your source, then you become fully operational into the person you were destined to be just like the electric kettle plugged into its power source.

Each day remind yourself you are a magnificent creation.  Even if, at the moment you don’t feel that way it  does not negate your truth. Keep reminding yourself the manifestation will come. You are not just any person. You are an important person in your own way.  Your  purpose is uncancelled. Your purpose is never recalled. Plug into your source and watch your purpose manifested. Watch your best life on display. Can you do this? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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