Live Your Best Life through Your Relationships


Live your best life through your relationships. Relationships lead to destiny. Whether it is a work, family, or personal relationship, it paves the highway to your best life. It is a fact of the earth life that you need connections to get you to your dreams or goals. You cannot do it alone. If you could, you would be here by yourself.

The quicker you learn that you need the help of others, the better your life will become. I encourage you to create the relationships you need and make them great— Relationships lead to destiny. Be aware when a relationship is not working for you. Get the lesson and move on. Please don’t waste time there, as it will slow you down or stop you from getting to the next one and hence your goal.

Remember, you must show up positively to encourage these relationships. Show up negatively or lackluster, and that is the relationship you will get. It’s all about the energy you show up exuding. Yes, a relationship is somewhat predetermined by the intelligent system at work at the soul level, but how you show up matters.

What can I Do?

Don’t wait until the time you need a promotion to carve out a great relationship with your boss or a  crisis to have a good relationship with the person you need in your life the most. Be proactive with your relationships. Your soul will undoubtedly bring them to you, but you must show up to meet and greet them with your body, soul, and spirit in alignment. As you explore, check-in with each of them to ensure they serve you.

The goal is your best life, and the journey is your focus. The Alphabet circle Journey is where relationships form, live and thrive. The journey is one-directional, and you dictate how it manifests. You must navigate your destiny relationships cautiously and pay attention. Don’t allow fluff or distractions to get in the way of some of these relationships. Word to the wise— great relationships have issues with them too. Can you weave through those matters and still enjoy a significant interaction?

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