Your Mind is your Playground


Your mind is your playground.  It is a place where you can create anything you want. It is where your reality lies. This reality is your view of the world processed by your own mind. It is defined by past experience and such emotions as your fears, likes and dislikes. On this playground, you are in full control. You make a decision as to what it is and will be. This playground is also your safe space. When you feel overwhelmed you can hibernate there until you believe that you have established an equilibrium with the things outside your playground, which is the world.

Your own consciousness is your experience of this playground scene. However, what you’re experiencing is not true reality but your reality as impacted by your uniqueness and  past experiences.  Be aware that your reality is a consequence of  this and so, no two realities are alike.

On the other hand, true reality is unfiltered and un-buffered. If you are not careful you can get lost in this playground scene and start to believe that the pictures there are real. That is, they are unfiltered reality. Sometimes you can also get lost in this scene and create images to protect your feelings that later you may start  to believe are true realities. If you  create a particular picture there often enough, at some point you can throw off reality. You then find yourself in a world where true realty is filtered and buffered. Navigate the realities so that you can live your Best Life, your Chosen Life.

Are you conscious of each reality? Leave me comment to let me know.

1 thought on “Your Mind is your Playground”

  1. Your mind is the only place in which you have full control. I know stepping away and relaxing while falling into deep thought has always been a getaway for me. Quite often, I will extract myself from the day to day monotony and delve into a world of creative ideas. These ideas may never come to fruition but being able to sit and day dream in your “playground” is a unique advantage to being human.

    You raise a great point about true reality and our idea of reality. A past experience can change your view of reality for both the negative and positive. The negative reality can wreak havoc on your physical life. It is evident in everyday life, where people have similar experiences but view them drastically different. Great post.

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