You are True Success



You are a successHave you ever been told you are not a success?  Let me assure you that no one is able to determine that. Success for each person is different and true success is not  a measure of material things. How can anybody make a decision on your success when they are not qualified to do so? How did they   come to such a conclusion?  I offer to you to reject anyone who offers the “you’re not a success” conclusion to you.

When a manufacturer makes a tool, he decides on the purpose of his tool and creates an instruction manual. The manufacturer defines the purpose and use in this manual so as  to prevent abuse. This is a one-directional process in that, the manufacturer tells you the purpose of the tool as he created it  and NOT vice- versa.   Not knowing purpose leads to abuse.  Similarly, you are a creation and an instruction manual exists for you too.  It is called YOUR PURPOSE.  I am here to tell you that no one has  your instruction manual. Therefore,  no one has the power or the right to decide on your success. To do so is to  short circuit your Creator.

I want you to know that your Creator made you with a specific purpose. Your Creator put the right ingredients in you to support this purpose. You are no accident. Know then, that no one can tell you that you are not a success. These are some of the the Alphabet Circle™ principles.

Life is a journey and you are on it. You are exactly where you should be on this journey. You are on the Alphabet Circle™, which is a Best Life Practice. Come join me so we can live our Best Life together on the Alphabet Circle™. You are a success in your own right.

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