You are who you were made to be


IMG-20141204-WA0003You are who you were made to be even when you are not plugged into your Source.

Consider an electric kettle. Though not plugged into its Source and without water it is still a kettle. Let’s  then say it is an electric kettle that is not right now operating as a kettle–but still a kettle. Once this kettle is plugged into its Source and filled with water it starts operating as an electric kettle, and can be utilized to its maximum potential.  That is, boiling liquids–typically water. But  the question raised is, was it always an electric kettle even without being plugged into the Source? Yes it was. So are you.

You may not be operating at the moment as who you were meant to be but you are still that person. All the ingredients that combine to make you into that special being are still present within you. You are simply unplugged from your Source.  However, all is not lost.  You can re-plug to your Source. Your path may wind to get back to the Source, but you will get back there. You may have to make a turn or take an exit, but you will get back there.

When you connect to your Source, then you become fully operational into the person you were destined to be. What I want you to take away  from this is, though you may have lost your way you are still you. The who you were meant to be. Just not yet manifested. Continue your journey to get back to your Source, plug in and your manifestation will eventually come. You will be who you were meant to be and in that mode you will be living your best life. Are you plugged into your source or on your way? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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