Which relationship flower are you? Relationships are flowers you grow in your life garden. Which flowers did you plant in your Life garden? We’ve all created a relationship farm on this earth. Since the time we were born, we have been planting. Yes, we have been growing relationships. Every interaction in your life is a relationship. We can describe it as a business or a personal relationship. However, no matter the description, the same rules apply to how they form and when and how they leave. To learn these rules, get a copy of my book here.

You planted several relationships in elementary school, and some of those folks are still with you. Same for high school, college, work, church, or social clubs. You meet folks daily in other settings and foster relationships with them too. So now, please look at your relationship Life garden and see what’s in it. Do you have roses relationships? Beautiful but dicey? What about evergreens? Consistently predictable, and you can rely on them. These are the ones that are there through thick and thin and won’t fade away no matter how rough the ride gets. What about those lilies’ relationship? They start out so beautiful and strong, and they look like they would last a long time but only in a short moment they fade away.

Which Flower are You?

Let’s explore. Roses are beautiful and filled with thorns. They represent the people with whom you have great relationships, but they are dicey upon a closer look. These roses’ relationships look and smell good from afar, but as you look closer, you see the cracks. Can you identify a few of these kinds of relationships in your life? Don’t be alarmed because all is not lost. You can work with these relationships and gently trim the thorn over time.

Evergreens last and are resilient. Always, look green no matter the season because this is who they are at the core. We all need to have some evergreen relationships to keep us in balance. Can you think of some of your evergreen relationships and what those folks mean to you?

Lilies represent short-term relationships because the life of a lily is never long. They bloom in the most beautiful colors, but they only live a few weeks before dying.  We know that the Spring season is upon us when we see lilies. We know we are getting ready to grow.  Lily relationships are those that are short but sweet. They do not last long, but you enjoy them, and they give you hope. Can you think of some of your lily relationships and reminisce on how they made you feel?

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