How are you coping in the holidays?


How are you coping during the Holidays? How are you taking care of yourself? It is indeed the Christmas season and Hannukah. And for all the other holidays that are celebrated across the world, we have learned through our own cultures that during the holidays we take extra care of loved ones. But I want to ask, how are you coping in this pandemic? Really, how are you coping with a holiday within the pandemic? We can’t do much about the pandemic, but we can do something about what we do. How do we take care of ourselves? How are you managing your work-life balance?

This is the season of suicides as the statistics show. Many are sad. Many are lonely. This adds to the stress level for a lot of folks. There are so many things that can impact the way we live our lives. Many of us go into the space of negative thinking without even knowing it. Things such as “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t do this.” This Holiday season can bring this level of stress.
I’m asking you to do some things for yourselves. Take some for yourself. Take some time to go for a walk. The parks are still open. Take some time to reflect on your life.

Let’s reflect. I want you to write down on a sheet of paper, three things that you want to happen for your life this holiday season or next year. Then;

  1. Write next to each of them how you believe you can make each of the three things happen. I’m asking you to take your snapshot of this time and write down how you believe you can make it happen.
  2. Next, write down who are the people you think you can connect with to help you to make them happen.
  3. Now try and reach out to these people and start walking toward your dream.

Remember, life is a journey and we need relationships to help us make things happen in our lives. No man is an island. This is where your angels show up in your life.

Women, please pay attention. We nurture everyone else except ourselves. Spend some time doing self-care.

Review your sheet and meditate on what you’ve written. And while you’re in this space, is there anyone you need to forgive? Is there anyone who offended you so badly that you think you cant forgive them? I’m asking you to step back and think about forgiving because where there is un-forgiveness there is lovelessness. This is about your journey on your time. Let’s do this. Leave me a comment and let me know which three things you wrote on your sheet of paper and how you’re moving forward with them.

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