Heaven Stoppers — Storm Creators


Heaven stoppers—Who are they?  They are those who  hinder you from living Your Best Life.  Those who constantly attract   confusion and misery, as only in this environment they feel satisfied. Most noteworthy, Heaven stoppers clamor negativity. They are miserable when there’s a calm. As a result  they always start the wind to a storm. These are real folks we have in our lives. I am sure you can think of a few of them.

Heaven stoppers must  be diffused so that you don’t spend your whole life putting out the fires that they have created.  They represent speed bumps on your journey, meant to slow you down intentionally. Strategically  they place themselves in your life’s path so that they can seem harmless at first glance. However, they are hindering you from living on purpose. Living the life the Creator intended for you. Think about it. You already know who they are and how they impact you.They can be friends or even family members.

In their presence you are like a seed planted in the ground without sunlight or water.  That seed cannot grow. That seed will not grow. Same is true for you when you have these folks in your midst. They extract all your breath and energy, which stifles you.  Think of it as a nurse putting a needle in your arm and withdrawing all your blood without your permission. You will wilt and die if you continue to be in their presence.

I implore you to pause right now and think about who are your Heaven stoppers in your life. My challenge to you is to seek out your Heaven stoppers and diffuse them. Stop them now, so that they cannot continue impact your  growth, your best life—your Chosen life. Do this so you can to live with intention—on purpose. Send me a note and let me know how many Heaven Stoppers you found in your life and how you diffused them.

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