7 Steps to Change


IMG-20141204-WA0003Change, is a word that we all use so often. We all want to be our best and so we seek change.  Change comes in all different shapes and forms, but what is important is how much adjustment we are willing to make to achieve it. This act of change seems to evade many of us. How do find a formula that can help us to change.

We seek change to get our new job. We seek change to be a better wife or husband. We seek change to be a better parent. We seek change to be a better friend. Change is dynamic and requires us to implement the quality control measure of continuous improvement. To achieve this I offer these 7 Steps to change;

1. A desire to change. Without a desire the act of change cannot happen.  No desire=No change

2. A new revelation. Something new must be revealed  for you to change.  This new revelation is what will stimulate you to want to change. If there is no “new” then things will remain the same.

3. A Present vision adjustment. Your present view of things or the situation must be adjusted so change can happen.

4. Heal from Past Issues. Your hindrance to change is still being medicated or sick with past issues.

5. A New Identity Revealed or Released in you. There must be something new to strive for to make change happen.

6. New Strength to overcome your issues or situations. Believe that you can do it and find a way to empower yourself to get this new strength.

7. Be secure in your new place. When you get there believe that you deserve to be there and stay there until the next cycle of change.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you have, can or will use these steps.

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