The words you speak can add life


You have word power because the words you speak can add life. Yes, the power of words  is in your possession. Words create vibrations. Speak positive words, so that they create positive vibrations.  These vibrations change the atmosphere around you by carving the  look and feel of your words. Can you image a life where you use the power of your own words to create? How about creating happiness or peace? How about a life filled with the things that are important to you. Yes, it is possible.  It starts with positive words.

You ask, how is this done? Speaking positive words into your day will result in you feeling better about that day. There is something about  positive words that they are able to change your energy. For this reason, commit to speak positive words into your day,regardless of how you are  feeling . You will forget at times to do this but don’t give up. When you remember, continue doing it. You will find that your day will with start to line up with your words  until things that seemed far fetched are  in your view and reach.

Similarly, on the other hand, you can create a miserable world for yourself. Yes, you can—you can do so with negative words. Be aware that if your words go negative and derogatory they can only create that kind of atmosphere for you. “Life and death lie in the Power of the tongue” is true.  You see, it is the words that roll of your tongue that will either add life to a situation of withdraw life from it.

Now you have work to do. Don’t  allow anyone to speak negativity into your life. Avoid relationships and persons who promote this as they represent detours to your home “Living on Purpose Street.” Leave me a comment to let me know what you are doing to speak positive words in every situation.


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