You hold the key to your success

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You hold the key to your success. We all seek after that successful life and  some of us are looking in the wrong places for it. Sometimes, we seek after that “dream” job because we believe it will give us success. Other times, we seek after that house, car or even a partner because we have convinced ourselves that it will bring us the success we seek. How about money? Too many of us believe that, if we had more money we would have that successful life. There isn’t anything wrong with seeking or having any of these items. What is wrong is believing that by seeking and acquiring them they will make you successful.

Do you know the real hold back to that successful life you are searching for is you? Yes, you are the only one holding you back because only you can bring this success to yourself.

I offer to you that, you were made with a specific purpose to ensure your  success.Your purpose is in you, like a seed within its fruit. This purpose is your role in this big picture called life. You ask, how do I know my purpose? Well, it is related to  the things that you are drawn to. The things that you enjoy doing. Your success lies within your purpose and so, it is important for you to find it. When you are operating within your purpose you are efficient and in the ebb and flow of your life—things seem to fall in place.

Finding this purpose is not always an easy thing to do. You  must go through a process.  Like seeds, you must sprout, develop into a plant and eventually bear fruit.  You may be in your sprouting stage and not your fruit stage. Pay attention to your details and become aware of your stage. This awareness will lessen your frustrations, as you will know where you are in your process to purpose.

I implore you to pay attention. Find your purpose and find your successful life.

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