Life as a Coffee Pot


unnamedLife as a coffee pot- How is your brew? What kind of coffee pot are you? Do you brew your coffee very quickly? Do you brew to various strengths? Your life is like a coffee pot and your interactions are the coffee within the pot. The question is, how are you utilized? Are you used every day for brewing coffee?  Do you get refilled once your content depletes? This is the same for your life. Are you replenished? Do you interact daily? Is your volume measure accurate? Do you turn the brew light off when you’re done as you do when relationships exit your Alphabet Circle©? Are you that mojo for everyone on your circle? Do they look to you everyday for that stimulation or up-liftment? Are you the caffeine on your Alphabet Circle©? Do you know your Circle and know who likes a strong brew versus a light brew?

So, like the coffee pot  once poured into you produce. In the case of the coffee pot, it is coffee. In the case of your life it is interactions.  Your interactions, like your coffee can be personalized for you based on your preferences.  Are you aware of that? Do you realize that you can have what works for you in your life and not someone else’s.  Yes, this is the important thing to know. Your coffee does not have to be consumed the way it arrives front he pot. At this point it is simply a canvas to be drawn on. You can draw to your liking on this canvas and if the picture does not suit you, you can discard it and start over. There are no rules that state  that you must drink coffee you are not happy with.  So, if the interaction is one that does not satisfy you. Let that one go and try for another. When you are at peace with the interaction, it is your perfect cup of coffee and it will deliver maximum caffeine to you. This is your energy for the best life journey.

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  1. This is too bizarre. Great minds ..I’ve read all of this blogging stuff before and I’ve got to admit that I sort of oscillate between wanting to do these things and grow my blog, or keeping it less commercial and letting it grow organically I’m kind of in the latter space at the moment. Yay for getting organised.

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