Past, Present, Future


Past present and future are three words that drive our daily conversation, but do they really exist? Let’s visit them. The Past! Oh how we spend so much time re-living the past when it does not exist anymore. We must rewire our thinking so that our lives can be full. The past used to be. It is no more. We no longer have it. That space is now a former space and is gone. Yet we spend a good portion of our lives trying to hold on to this concept. Unfortunately, while we are doing this we are not present in the now moment. We then miss out on what is going on around us right now. I refer to this as “double jeopardy.” We are stuck into something that is no longer there and completely missed what is there now.

The present- what is it? The present is this moment. It is all we have. It requires us to show up and participate. It is the current space in which you are standing and the only one you have control over. This is the only time when you have complete control over your thoughts and actions and can manifest them into what you need them to be.  In this space consider yourself to be a ship’s captain and you are in control of the compass. Just as the captain navigate the ocean, so  too you can,  in this moment navigate your life with accuracy.

The future- we talk about  it often, but really, what is it? The future is only a concept. Think about it. When you get to the future, it is the present. Is there any time when someone has arrived there and it is still the future. No, never!  Is there then such a thing as the future? Think on this.

So this leads me to say the present is the only thing we have. Start today to focus on the present. It will be the best gift you can give yourself, your friends and family.

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