Life starts with a Blank Canvas


Blank Canvas

Your Life starts with a blank canvas. However, A picture of your life is eventually  laid out on that canvas because you took a snapshot. Now you are wondering, how is this possible. Here’s how.

You arrived on the planet earth with a blank canvas because you are the author of your life.  Create whatever you want on this canvas, because you have the freedom to do so. Your canvas stays blank until you draw on it.   What you draw is based on what you undergo. Sometimes you draw deliberately and at other times unconsciously. You  draw with fear some days. Other days you draw with love.

At times, we gently or aggressively point our pencil or, even draw our brush to result in our designs. Some are perfect and others imperfect— but it’s all there. Every twist and turn. All  highs and lows. Your complete experience.

Our lives are laid out like the blueprint of an architect’s design. And like the architect, we must be able to read our blueprint so that we understand our design—us. You ask, how do I do that? Go within, focus, and you will find that space within, where you feel in sync. You feel oneness. Overall, you feel good in this space because you are in balance.  Bring awareness to what you are feeling, because your thoughts will flow with the words of your blueprint. Jot them down so that you will remember.

Looking back at our canvases, we see our artwork, which is really a map. A map showing where we are now. It shows where we started and the terrain we climbed to be here. It is indeed a picture of our life’s journey.  We see meandering roads that we traveled mentally, physically or emotionally.  Wavelike decisions are present as they highlight the crests and troughs of our thoughts.

Your whole life thus far is a picture on this canvas.  Do you like what you see? Live your Best Life—Your Chosen Life.

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