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Expectation can be Destructive

What is your expectation of your friend, co-worker, child or parents?  Expectation plays a big part in any relationship and can sometimes destroy them if we are not careful. In any relationship, we expect. Whether we aware are or not, we do. We expect a particular behavior from folks with whom we interact. It could be a colleague or even a child, and the interaction can be verbal or non-verbal. Disappointment comes when our expectation is not met. My questions to you are, Is that fair to you or the other person?  How open are you to embrace others when they show up (manifests) as who they are in the experience? Why do we get mad when people show up in their experience as themselves?

So, if we focus on being open, which requires us to Be Present in the experience, there will be no disappointment. In this space, we are not judgmental, and ego plays no part in the experience because we are consciously aware of being present.

Having this backdrop, how open are you to children showing up with their scars and wounds in their experiences without any judgment. But simply an appreciation for the whole organic human showing up.

First, I’ll focus on kids. As a teacher or parent, how often are you open to a child when he/she manifests who they are? Most of us get shocked because society says the child should behave in a particular way or there are rules at school that says the child should show up as something you can recognize. Children, like adults are humans that have been scarred and they carry their scars and battle wounds with them.  The problem with the expectation is that it was set for the standard norm and how many of our children are that?  How many of our adults are the standard norm?

Second, let’s go on to grown-ups. Broken or wounded children grow up into the said adults. Now the experience is transferred into the adult space such as a job. You see, its a vicious cycle and until we address the wounds we cannot think about a resolve for these humans.

You would not try to have an in-depth conversation with a sick person. You would wait until that person heals before doing that. Same here. We must address the wounds and get them healed, and we must recognize that the scars represent the history of the human.  Be cognizant, Be aware and that’s a good start.

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B is to Breathe and De-stress


In this video, Dr. Maxine Wright talks about the Breathe Phase of the Alphabet Circle Journey. She explains that this is your life and when you Breathe, you stay present in your life. Being Present in a relationship helps you to think, get the benefits and enjoy. B-R-E-A-T-H-E

Enter the
Alphabet Circle
Help You

We Create with our thoughts and thus, the Universe returns what we Breathe into it. Breathe so you are composed and able to focus and relax. No more stress. No more drama. Show up for the experience and get the lesson.

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Can we truly manage time?

Can we truly manage time?  Time is the present so the question begs, is it false thinking to say we can mange Time?  Let me ask the question another way. Can we manage the Present? I would like you to ponder  this. If we show up in the experience of “time” and are open to what the experience offers, do we need to worry about managing?

No one can manage time.  Time is infinite and not something to be managed. However, you can manage what you do. Our focus should be on  what we are doing in the present and how we want to show up in each experience?  Think of this, the element “Time” that we worry about so much is chugging along each day doing what it does. It is your choice to choose Time by being Present.  Remember, you are your best you when you show up in the Present.

Your awareness to the Present moment will help you to execute your tasks at maximum potential. This brings the Best You.

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