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You hold the key to your success


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You hold the key to your success. We all seek after that successful life and  some of us are looking in the wrong places for it. Sometimes, we seek after that “dream” job because we believe it will give us success. Other times, we seek after that house, car or even a partner because we have convinced ourselves that it will bring us the success we seek. How about money? Too many of us believe that, if we had more money we would have that successful life. There isn’t anything wrong with seeking or having any of these items. What is wrong is believing that by seeking and acquiring them they will make you successful.

Do you know the real hold back to that successful life (more…)

The words you speak can add life

You have word power because the words you speak can add life. Yes, the power of words  is in your possession. Words create vibrations. Speak positive words, so that they create positive vibrations.  These vibrations change the atmosphere around you by carving the  look and feel of your words. Can you image a life where you use the power of your own words to create? (more…)