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Your Mind is your Playground

Your mind is your playground.  It is a place where you can create anything you want. It is where your reality lies. This reality is your view of the world processed by your own mind. It is defined by past experience and such emotions as your fears, likes and dislikes. (more…)

Picture window of your life

Windshield or rearview

Picture Window-your Life

What is it? A picture window of your life. You being the on-looker. What’s in your view? From your vantage point, how do you see the world? How do you see your life?

This picture represents the windshield view of your world and hence your life. Even though there are beautiful blue clouds above the horizon there are so many other things in view, the trees, the grass, the terrain,  the road ahead, the back of a car moving along in front of you. Your focus will determine your view of this scene and hence your life. Along with your focus is your ability to keep this vehicle on the road while you do that.  The question is, are you multitasking and getting it done or do you need to pull over and focus on what’s in front of you?

Think of the car in front of you.  It represents the things that you need to do.  At some point you will catch up to and even pass it. That is, you will eventually get these things done and may even surprise yourself by doing more than initially planned.

Now let’s focus on the clouds ahead. They represent the future. The future is always beyond you.  Sometimes you can see it and it’s very bright and other times it cloudy.  As you keep driving on this path of life, that future which you are looking at is always in front of you. At no time will you catch up with it. That is just not possible. Consider this, will you ever catch up with those clouds you’re looking at even if you drove for a million years? That being said, focus on the now and just remember that the future is always ahead of you and in your view.

What’s in your Picture Window? Leave me comment to let me know.

Are You Normal

IMG-20141204-WA0003Normal, what exactly is it? How many times have you been told that you were not normal. Maybe, you have been told that “you are weird.”  For some, even that they are crazy. Why do you think that these claims are being made? Well today I would like to help you to understand that you are normal. (more…)

You are who you were made to be

IMG-20141204-WA0003You are who you were made to be even when you are not plugged into your Source.

Consider an electric kettle. Though not plugged into its Source and without water it is still a kettle. Let’s  then say it is an electric kettle that is not right now operating as a kettle–but still a kettle. Once this kettle is plugged into its Source and filled with water it starts operating as an electric kettle, and can be utilized to its maximum potential.  That is, boiling liquids–typically water. But  the question raised is, was it always an electric kettle even without being plugged into the Source? Yes it was. So are you. (more…)

Past, Present, Future

Past present and future are three words that drive our daily conversation, but do they really exist? Let’s visit them. The Past! Oh how we spend so much time re-living the past when it does not exist anymore. We must rewire our thinking so that our lives can be full. The past used to be. It is no more. We no longer have it. That space is now a former space and is gone. Yet we spend a good portion of our lives trying to hold on to this concept. Unfortunately, while we are doing this we are not present in the now moment. (more…)

Windshield or Rear View Life

Windshield or Rear View

Windshield or Rear View Life

Do you have a windshield or a rear view life perspective? Exactly how would you describe your perspective? Well, have you ever paid attention to a car’s windshield and  its rear view mirror? Notice the size of the windshield versus that of the rear view mirror. By now you have thought about it. The windshield is huge compared to the rearview mirror. Now, can you look at your life in terms of a windshield and  a rear view mirror? (more…)